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Emmett Spain

My Zombie Valentine

Ed had terrible luck with ladies, even before he died, but now that he was a zombie it was nearly impossible to make a love connection. There are many problems with falling in love when you’re flesh-eating zombie. A big part of it is the personal grooming; that just flies right out the window. You’ll scarcely see a zombie stop by at the Beauty Parlour, except perhaps to eat the hairdresser or feast on the manicurist’s thighs. Clothing is also a huge issue. A little known fact for you: zombies can get changed, they just don’t want to. Most people think they lack the dexterity, but it’s not actually true. Zombies just seem to love the outfits that they die in; they’ll wear them until they’re all rotted off and…

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R. B. Wood

SIX free Ghost Stories for Halloween

Welcome to Episode 51 of “The Word Count” podcast! The Halloween special is always my favorite show. With nearly 300 original stories logged for the last five years I know I shouldn’t play favorites—but I’ve always loved this time of year! [caption id="attachment_1174" align="alignright" width="300"] Well. That will make dinner dates awkward.[/caption] Probably why I lean toward the dark fantasy and horror genres in my own writing. Ah well—what’s a good story without a bit of dark magic and blood then? Well…this time around we have 5 wonderfully dark tales (and one from me—bringing the total to six) for the season. Ghost stories—in one form or another for your listening pleasure. But before we introduce our cadre of writers, a bit about the show: What is The Word Count Podcast?…

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Matthew Munson

Memories …

What are your earliest memories of geekdom? When did you first start thinking, “Yep, this is for me”; that science fiction and fantasy were the genres for you? Can you even remember a time without sci-fi / fantasy in your life? Me? Well, I’ve got a confession to make. Having asked you all to recall your early memories, I can’t entirely remember mine. That’s partly due to me having a terrible memory, but also for another reason; I can't honestly recall a time when I wasn't a fan of the genres. It never used to occur to me to think otherwise, and it used to catch me by surprise for years when I met people who weren't fans - who took pride in the fact that they weren't fans like…

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Jessica Delgado

What is Mastery?

I am currently taking a course to become a writing tutor, and came across this quote in one of our readings: "..mastery-the desire to get better and better at something that matters". For me, this includes all kinds of things: writing, teaching, theater, etc.. and I constantly ask myself why I love these things so much. Overall, it isn't because I find them to be exotic or even all that interesting, but because it involves evolving; the never-ending occurrence to keep working and working because you will never fully be satisfied with what you produce. This approach is a healthy competition with one's self to improve significantly with each work of art, and to realize that that the ultimate goal of perfectionism is never to be reached. Until the day…

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J.D. Robinson

Writing Community

These past few weeks, I've been participating in a challenge over on my personal blog. It's called the A to Z Challenge and it's brought to light something that I've only glimpsed at these past few years I've called myself a writer. [caption id="attachment_571" align="alignright" width="300"] Some of my local writers gathered for NaNo 2014 Kick Off event, credit @ArkadyAdler[/caption] When I first started writing, I wrote for myself - and I still do, to some extent, but then I shared my work with my friends, and started to find ways to better my writing and to have it published. I started seeking out other writers to see what they knew, how they worked, to befriend some who would understand my troubles when I said a certain character just didn't want to…

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Rebecca Weeks

Valentines Day Vampire: A short story

I FELL IN LOVE WITH A MONSTER. Hearts, chocolates, flowers and kisses. “How romantic.” She snorted. She peered venomously through the frosted glass of the local eatery, staring at the couple who were having a candlelit dinner. Holding hands, they proceeded to kiss over their plates of spaghetti. They pulled away, his dark chocolate coloured eyes scanned the window; he had sworn he had just seen a flicker of red and blonde. After a couple of minutes his eyes reverted back to those of his hot date. A good looking, twenty something, blue eyed, dark haired girl with freckles surrounding her nose. She smiled, her thin lips spreading, showing creases in her dark red lipstick. “Everything okay?” she asked. She twirled her spaghetti around her fork and ate it gracefully.…

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